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SWEET OR BITTER – new album by Petya Dankova

  • Издаден на: 2013-12-26
  • Издател: Светослав Сотиров

“Sweet or Bitter”, is a fantastic fusion of Neo Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Rock. It tells her real life story over the last couple of years. Much matured and with clear center of gravity Petya adores every aspect of her creation and along with the sound of Radoslav Slavchev – Riverman, Miroslav Ivanov, TromBobby from SouthWick, Vassil Voutev – Soulization and the words of Svetoslav Sotirov she is sharing a true life-love story. The trials and tribulations, the challenge to be true to to her aspirations opened up completely new aspects of her creativity and helped express herself as a songwriter. “To be a good vocalist is not enough, you need to communicate a message when you create music —participate, invest, understand, burn to the ground” , she shares.

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