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Voice Academy

Voice Academy is one of a kind private professional music school in Bulgaria. It welcomes children, adolescents and adults interested in either enjoying life through music or developing as a professional music artist. The highly qualified staff at Voice Academy aims to provide all of the students, regardless of age, ability or ambition, with a strong practical and theoretical foundation in music. Students are further encouraged to use the art of music to express themselves and grow as individuals. We offer all classes in English as well as Bulgarian

The educational programs at Voice Academy are extracurricular and independent from the curriculum at the pupils’ main educational institutions. In order to develop as a successful musical artist, students accumulate skills in singing, dancing, stage presence, musical interpretation, improvisation and playing an instrument.

Malcho Voice

“Malcho Voice” is a unique program for Bulgaria which targets the youngest musical talents at the age of 4. It is designed by our qualified staff to work with and develop the abilities of each child until it reaches the age of 6. The most successful young artists will have the opportunity to take part in a musical theater created specially for them. The youngsters also get to record their favourite songs at Voice Academy’s professional recording studio.

Rising Stars

Voice Academy’s “Rising Stars” program is for enthusiastic young talents between the ages of 7 and 13. It consists of three levels of private lessons tailored to each student’s abilities. “Rising Stars” gives children the wonderful opportunity to develop as a successful musical artist, while having fun. Some of the children will have the opportunity to perform solo concerts in front of an audience.

Sing, Dance, Impress

Voice Academy created the program “Sing, Dance, Impress” for everyone between the ages of 14 and 19, who aspire to sing, dance and play like their favourite music stars. Apart from intense education in music, the program also offers students the opportunity to record songs and videos, as well as to take part in competitions and have solo concerts.


Music Hearts

At Voice Academy we believe it is never too late to discover the wonderful world of music. That is why we created the program “Music Hearts” which is aimed at music enthusiasts aged 20 and above. This program will help you develop your music skills, as well as solidify your love for the art. It will show you that it is truly never too late to start from scratch.

Master Class

“Master Class” is the professional artist program for the most ambitious students.

Its is a 4 year long program for students starting at the age of 14. It consists of 3 levels, each of which concludes with an exam and a certificate of completion. During the last year students can choose if they would like to continue their preparation for the Bulgarian music scene or work towards applying to a music institution in Europe or the US. At the end of the course, the students will receive a certificate. Throughout the program students will record albums and music videos, as well as gain experience in performing solo concerts with active musicians.

Voice Academy holds open auditions for “Master Class” where the most talented individuals are offered partial or full scholarships.

The members of the “Master Class” program are the public face of Voice Academy. They represent the school at competitions and concerts, as well as various media appearances.

Face to Face meeting

You can arrange a face to face meeting with Voice Academy’s staff and artistic director Petya Dankova, where we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Do not hesitate to call directly or email us.